2016.01.11 11:19 "[Tiff] Problem with TIFFCurrentDirectory", by John Stevenson-Hoare

2016.01.11 11:19 "[Tiff] Problem with TIFFCurrentDirectory", by John Stevenson-Hoare

I am using libtiff version 4.0.6 on Windows 7.

The man pages state that directories are indexed from 0, but when I create a new TIFF and invoke TIFFCurrentDirectory the return value is 65535. Is this a bug?

A simple example is:

TIFF *tif = TIFFOpen("new.tif", "w8");
tdir_t dir = TIFFCurrentDirectory(tif);

My problem is that I need to cache the indexes of directories as I create them so that I can re-visit and update them. If I do this with a file containing 2 directories (both tiled images) the library reports:

'TIFFWriteRawTile: Can not write tiles to a stripped image.'

when I use TIFFSetDirectory(tif, 65535) in an attempt to set the first directory. If I create say 3 directories and 'artificially' assume that indexing starts from 0, then when I set the directory to 0 the library reports:

'new.tif: JPEG compression support is not configured.' when I invoke TIFFWriteRawTile() with a previously compressed JPEG tile.

But the additional tiles are written correctly to the first image.

Oddly, if I create only 2 directories and artificially assume index 0, then I get the error:

'TIFFWriteRawTile: Tile M out of range, max N.' for each tile to be written and the additional tiles are, not unsurprisingly, added to the image.

Any help would be appreciated.


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