2004.12.02 18:07 "[Tiff] Having problems adding IPTC to a TIFF", by Roland Rabien

2004.12.02 18:30 "Re: [Tiff] Having problems adding IPTC to a TIFF", by Andrey Kiselev

I am having some problems adding iptc metadata to a tiff. I am using libtiff 3.6.1 on Windows.

I am adding the data like such:

TIFFSetFile(pTiff, TIFFTAG_RICHTIFF, (iSize % 4) ? (iSize / 4 + 1) : (iSize / 4), pData);

My pData buffer is always allowcated in a multiple of 4 bytes.

The problem I'm having is in the TIFFWriteNormalTag function. I'm getting the error: "Stack corruption around variable wc"

I think the problem is in the case TIFF_LONG when the function TIFFGetField is called, I think this function is messing up the stack.

This problem should be fixed in CVS (i.e., in post-3.7.0 code). Please, try to fetch the most recent snapshot and test your code with it.


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