2004.08.11 23:17 "[Tiff] From bmp to Tiff", by Bob Lakkakula

2004.08.12 17:05 "Re: [Tiff] From bmp to Tiff", by Chris Cox

For image resizing, I am one of those who disagree.

That's OK. To be honest, I can hardly see a difference between my resampling algorithms applied in RGB or CIE L*a*b*, in continuous-tone images. Thus, my preference is more based on theoretical observations. There is, of course, more of a difference when applied to non-continuous-tone images.

The difference will only be obvious in extreme cases (pure red/pure green edge being the easiest to demonstrate).

Play with it in Photoshop

And try resampling in a gamma 1.0 colorspace.

And of course, this topic has nothing to do with TIFF.

Sure, but most of us might be interested anyway. TIFF is not a database file format, is it? This is all closely related to our field of interest, at the very least.