2021.04.15 07:25 "[Tiff] Using libtiff in Windows runners in Github CI", by Jeff

2021.06.03 16:50 "Re: [Tiff] Using libtiff in Windows runners in Github CI", by Jeff

You need to add the vcpkg install tree include and lib dirs to your include and linker path?

If you’re using CMake, vcpkg provides dedicated toolchain files for this purpose, which add all the necessary paths (it’s in the vcpkg documentation). If you’re not using CMake, then you’ll need to add them just as you would for any other third-party libraries and headers for your particular build system.

As for library compatibility, I’ll have to pass. I always use vcpkg for MSVC only. If the calling convention is the same, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, but you might find you drag in an incompatible runtime if you’re linking statically. But I’m not certain. If in doubt, try it and find out. If you’re using GCC, might be easier to use mingw64 and build everything against that if it’s not already packaged.

Thanks for the help here, and sorry for the late response.

In the end, I fixed the problem with Perl tools, as I was trying to compile Perl bindings for libtiff on Windows.

Specifically, I found that someone had created an Alien::libtiff package, which found or compiled libtiff if it wasn't already present on the system, and I was then able to compile Graphics::TIFF against it.