2004.08.11 23:17 "[Tiff] From bmp to Tiff", by Bob Lakkakula

2004.08.12 21:58 "Re: [Tiff] From bmp to Tiff", by Joris Van Damme

I should agree with Bob. I'm working with images which should be resized in the planar space, defined by the data format (i.e. floats should be resized as floats). Of course, there are can be cases when the color space becomes a valuable factor for the image perception, but it is not the major factor.

Yes, well, even I agree with Bob. I mean, I cannot see any real difference in quality when the same algorithm is applied to RGB or CIE L*a*b*. The quality and the correctness of the algorithm, itself, is far more important, for sure.

This is why, nevertheless, I said what I did, and still stand by it:

Anyway, your detailed answer should be added to FAQ and further discussed in the mailing list (I'm sure, there are a lot of image processing experts here).

As I mentioned before, I'm interested in building a LibTiff FAQ, completely seperate from the TIFF FAQ. I see this LibTiff FAQ not as a single (long) page like the TIFF FAQ, but more as a collection of pages, each page bearing code and explanation for a single short application. Indeed, this question and the answers I think is very suitable. Of course, input would be taken from a TIFF file and output would be written to a TIFF file, using LibTiff. That way, it covers using LibTiff as well as documenting a common real-life and related application.

The recent question about cropping may be even more of a suitable example of such a FAQ entry. It would demonstrate how to detect and make use of tiling or striping in the source image to only decode and process those tiles/strips that contribute to the destination TIFF.

My handicap is that it's been 7 or 8 years since I coded C. I've only been reading it all those years, my coding is done in Delphi ObjectPascal... That, and the fact that I'm still finishing up the Tag Reference, and planning another entry in my site's TIFF section (I'd like to tell you what exactly, but then I'd have to kill you ;-)) before I even start on the LibTiff FAQ... May take some time. Rest assured all in this list is carefully archived though... ;-)

An alternative for waiting a while for the LibTiff FAQ to get started, is that people here rise to the occasion and build good entries from threads like this one, writing the C code needed to demonstrate the stuff, carefully making sure to include excellent interfaces to LibTiff (which is after all the primary goal). In that case, I'm happy to just contribute hosting and FAQ entry management.

Joris Van Damme
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