2022.03.09 16:25 "[Tiff] Libtiff developers are volunteers!", by Bob Friesenhahn

2022.03.09 19:14 "Re: [Tiff] Libtiff developers are volunteers!", by Rob Tillaart

Hi Bob,

Agree with your statement, and there might be a way to handle at least the "when is a new release" question.

In the past I worked on a project that had every 2 months a new release. There was no guarantee what was in it, what would be solved etc, but if some patch or functionality appeared in the master-branch, it would be part of the next release.

Depending on what was solved the X.Y.Z number was increased.

If Libtiff could setup a similar workflow and have an (semi) automatic release e.g. every 2,3,4,6,12 months, the "release date" questions would always have a clear answer. The only reason to skip a new release would be that nothing is merged into master. One would not need discussions about when the next release is, or what is in it as the above way of working solves both questions in a pragmatic way. (I know in reality it will be more complicated )