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2012.06.16 16:37 "[Tiff] about the TIFFSetField usage", by He Yang
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2012.06.17 19:47 "Re: [Tiff] Tiff Digest, Vol 97, Issue 5", by He Yang

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On 12-06-16 09:37 AM, He Yang wrote:

    I am a beginner, an try to learn how to use TIFFSetField usage, I
try to use TIFFSetField as below

      TIFFSetField(tif, tag, count, vlaue_ptr);

it works, but the value is not correct when I try to use TIFFGetField, the count = 1, and the vlaue_ptr is the pointer of a short value, which value equal to 16, but when I read it back it become 1. What I did wrong?

He Yang,

The tricky thing with TIFFSetField() is that the calling sequence is very much determined by which tag you are getting and setting. The library attempts to provide a "natural" calling sequence depending on the nature of the tag but this means you need to lookup the particular tag in the TIFFSetField man page to see the appropriate arguments. Likewise with TIFFGetField. So you will need to be more specific about the tag you are talking about.

Hi Frank

I am trying to set the EXIFTAG_EXPOSURETIME, which is a TIFF_RATIONAL, is there are way to make sure the forward /backward conversion are always consistent. Does libtiff provide a way to make sure the rational to float and float to rational, But from my tracing, I found the precision was lost during read back from the disk file not from the memory?

Best regards,