2004.07.19 15:01 "[Tiff] Mailing list archive; tag index", by Joris Van Damme


The whole of 2004 in the mailing list archive has now been manually 'fixed'. This included getting rid of bottom-over-quotes, few duplicates of messages that got posted multiple times, making quotes more readable by inserting spaces after '>' signs where necessary and getting rid of Yahoo webmail signatures and such. Most importantly though, it included fixing thread relationships where automatic detection of these relationships got it wrong.

To keep it from getting too boring, I'm only doing a few dozen messages a day, so 2003 is next expected to take about 2 months to fix. Any help pointing out wrong thread relationships or such when you see them, is always appreciated.

The archive portal page also got split, there's now seperate pages for 'most recent threads' and 'most recent posts'. Any other suggestions on enhancing usability are very welcome as always.

URL is http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tml.html

The final bit of news is that I'm working on a 'tag index'. This will include all of the basic standard tags, and hopefully a lot of common 'private tags' like EXIF and Wang Annotations and such. Every tag page will include basic properties like datatype and count and default, as well as a short description, and a compiled list of most relevant mailing list messages and other links. There will also be a 'submit tag info' address people can use to have me include any private tag on which they are knowledgable and can provide sufficient information. You needn't wait for the index to be on-line, though, anyone who wishes can send me information on any tags and I'll be happy to sort it out. Examples of tags that I welcome information about are GeoTIFF tags, tile pyramid related info and tags, or just any that anyone is able to document sufficiently.

The tag index is expected to be on-line in one or two months at the latest, in English, and probably in Dutch as well. I won't pollute anything by stating an URL that isn't there yet, but it'll be accessable from the same 'menu page' that also points to the TIFF mailing list archive, being http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff.html.

Please never hesitate to make any suggestions or contributions! I am commited to always keep improving and extending this stuff. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Joris Van Damme
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