2003.02.19 14:00 "Extended TIFF-Tags", by Bdorn

2003.02.19 14:00 "Extended TIFF-Tags", by Bdorn


could you please tell me, if there is already a predefined TIFF-Type for UINT64 or QWORD. This is an 8-BYTE-Integer. I have to save those data and would like to use compatible type-specifications in the tags.

Another question: We have to save images and files which are so large, that offsets may blow up DWORD-limits. So I am thinking about a TIF-derivative using "TIFF-Tags" providing 8-Bytes per offset. Consequently more data can theoretically be saved directly in the tags. My approach would be, to apply TIFF 6.0 rules:

  1. WORD-boundaries.
  2. Write values directly into the Tag if and only if there is room.

I don't want to bother you with the second question, which is anyhow off-topic. But it would be helpful to me if you could give me some hints on how to procede. May be, a format like that already exists.

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