2000.02.02 17:50 "Microsoft Imaging and Jpeg in TIFF", by Randall Myers

2000.02.03 01:42 "Re: Microsoft Imaging and Jpeg in TIFF", by Joris Van Damme

I will tell you some things about Wang TIFF/J images.

Hi Andy!

I wonder if you could do even better: would it be possible to mail me that or any other jpeg embedding tiff image? I aim to make my software read as much different tiffs as possible, but so far, I have encountered only one single jpeg embedding tiff to test it with (I do not own that fancy tiff software, whether it's wang's, m$'s, kodak's - one loses track). It's important for me to gather as much different testimages from different sources as possible. I'll let you know what I find out to return the favor... (though it might not be much, the subject is a swamp...).

Best regards,