2001.06.15 03:49 "Image manipulation package based on libtiff?", by Pak Yan Choi

2001.06.20 16:27 "Re: Image manipulation package based on libtiff?", by Frank Warmerdam

Are you saying libtiff is capable of performing read and write operations on an image? From what I read from a tiff library doc (http://www.libtiff.org/libtiff.html#FIO), it seems the libtiff cannot open a file for both reading and writing and there is no support for altering the contents of a tiff file.

Would you mind clearing that up please? Is modification to the library needed to do read and write?


As I mentioned, libtiff doesn't generally support read/write (update) to an image, but with some restrictions (like image data being uncompressed) it can be accomplished with libtiff as it stands. I do use it in this fashion. However, even to get this limited support working I had to do a bit of hacking which is present in the recent 3.5.x series of libtiff releases.

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