2001.06.15 03:49 "Image manipulation package based on libtiff?", by Pak Yan Choi

2001.06.15 11:38 "Re: Image manipulation package based on libtiff?", by Sim Zacks

I used libtiff for image manipulation using Delphi as my programming environment. I don't have any of the old code as I left the job I wrote it for, and it belongs to them.

In any case I used the readscanline function to bring the whole image into a memory location. I then used Windows API on the memory location to play with the image. After I finished I created a new image with writescanline and then erased the old image and renamed the new one with the name of the original. The product I ended up with included all the functionality of MS Paint plus some. I had to write a couple algorithms from scratch, as the Windows API did not handle those things, like deskew and despeckle. There's a lot of math involved with all that.

There are plenty of imaging components out there that you can use in your application, depending on what operating system you are using and what your imaging requirements are.