1999.11.27 13:47 "TR: Modification in LibTiff 3.4b037 to remove warning in Visual C++ 5.0, NOT INTEGRATED in 3.5.1", by Gilles Vollant

AGAIN, my compatibility work was not integrated. I've never received answer or message on this subject.

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I'm happy seeing a new version in LibTiff 3.5.1, but I'm disappointed: the syntax modification I made to be compatible with VC++ 5.0 without warning are not integrated!!!!

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I've modified somes sources file of LibTiff 3.4 beta 037 (the latest) to compile in Visual C++ without warning

The modified file are on http://www.winimage.com/tif/modtif34b37.zip (just replace files from LibTiff dir by from this file)

In addition, the modification is, of course, compatible with all compiler... I hope they will integrated in next libtiff!

Here is the patch in diff -c format, gzipped: