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I have a specific question. I have a g4 fax multistrip tiff, that I need the g4 fax data out of (still compressed), but in a single strip. Is there any way to get this data without writing out to a temporary file?

I have something which goes like this:

Which is yukkie.

Any ideas?



Peter Zitzelsperger <> on 21/02/2000 07:53:45 pm

To: Michael Still

Subject: Re: New to this list

Hi Michael!

As I've subscribed to this list for not too long, too, I feel like you. They collect

the questions of the past in an socalled tiff-digest, from which I could send you

#57 til #85 or so. If you want more information about TIFF, look at the spec 6.0 from Adobe or at the doc's provided in the libtiff-package.

I am new to this list and would like to know if there is a FAQ available. I have looked on the web site, and there does not seem to be one there.

have fun,

         Peter Zitzelsperger

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