2003.01.30 19:37 "fax2tiff patch", by Julien Gaulmin


This patch fixes a bug with the -2 option of fax2tiff that doesn't work because TIFFTAG_GROUP3OPTIONS is set before the TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION.

It also adds more options to deal with raw G3-1D, G3-2D and G4 data as input and create a TIFF output file with G3-1D, G3-2D or G4 compression. In fact, it expands the options to allow user to control as much input parameters as output parameters.

Unfortunatly, the new options are not backward compatible with the old ones because it makes no sens. For example, -1 and -4 that were used for G3-1D and G4 output are now used for input datas. -1, -2 and -4 are for input and -5, -6 and -8 for output. Maybe someone as a better idea for those switches (keep -1, -2 and -4 for backward compatibility and introduce --input 1|2|4 and --output 1|2|4 for advanced use).

This patch applies to the fax2tiff version from tiff-v3.6.0-beta.



Attachment Converted: "d:\eudora\attach\patch_fax2tiff.diff"