1999.11.26 13:16 "CCITT compressed TIFF files.", by Martin Bailey

1999.11.26 14:34 "Re: CCITT compressed TIFF files.", by Helge Blischke

I'm hoping that somebody will be able to help me with this one while I still have some hair.

I've been trying to work out whether some sample TIFF files that I have are correct or not. They are CCITT compressed (G3, but I'm interested in checking the others as well), and a mixture of WhiteIsZero and BlackIsZero. I need to know whether the image data is correctly set or whether I have it negated.

So far I've been using PaintShopPro and PhotoShop to view these images, but the two disagree on whether the images are negated or not, and making changes to the tags appears to lead to unexpected results.

Is there an application available that's guaranteed to show me the image data in CCITT compressed TIFF files correctly?

My PostScrip procset for handling TIFF images (needs Ghostscript or another PS interpreter havein access to the host's file system).

For simplicity, send me the TIFF file; I'll check it for compliance to the spec.