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2008.10.22 18:22 "[Tiff] libtiff - General Questions", by Scott Goldstein
2008.10.22 22:29 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff - General Questions", by Ryan Schmidt

2008.10.22 18:22 "[Tiff] libtiff - General Questions", by Scott Goldstein

I have a couple high level questions about the libtiff project.

  1. When I google libtiff, the first result is This site seems outdated, with broken links and bad information (e.g. latest release version is stated to be 3.6.1, but on the ftp site, there is a 3.8.2.). Is there another home page for this project?
  2. The 4.0Beta2 version fixes a crash problem in our software that we see with version 3.8.2. Is there a 4.0 release milestone set? If not, what is the process for moving from Beta to a release?
  3. Thanks.


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