1999.11.11 07:38 "need tiled tiffs for testing", by Ruediger

Hello everybody,

my name is Ruediger and I would be very glad, if somebody could mail me a few TIFF Tiled Images (using IFD Tags 0x142, 0x143, 0x144, 0x145) for testing a program, which simply makes from Single or Multipage Tiffs a big Multipage Tiff.

And maybe somebody could tell me how often it could happen to find a big-endian byte-order coded TIFF (first two bytes of Header 0x4D4D) in the little-endian world of (W)Intel systems. Because I don't want to waste time for writing a program converting a Tiff from big-endian byte-order to little-endian byte-order I will never need.

Thank you very mutch for your advise,
with best regards,