2001.06.18 12:38 "Size limitations.", by Bruno Ledoux

2001.06.19 21:59 "Re: Size limitations.", by Bob Friesenhahn

To the list owner - can you change this please? Oh yeah, if you fix that, it'll prevent people like me from getting a bunch of replies from others on the list who are out of the office or have left their job. This is REALLY annoying and has a tendency to keep traffic on the list low. Seriously, can you fix this list so it puts the list as both "To:" and "From:" soon?

Please do not do that. None of the mail lists I am on do that... and for good reason. It is much better that the list not receive a response from someone who does not know how to use their mail program, than to receive very personal email from someone who does not notice that the list replaces the sender's address with its own.

Bob Friesenhahn