2008.12.18 22:59 "Re: [Tiff] Pending 3.9.0 release", by Richard Nolde


I'd really like to get my new tiffcrop into the upcoming release. All that remains to do is document which code is legacy code that might have a link to Sam's copyright and which is entirely new. I would hope to have that done this coming weekend. I don't use the RGBA interface, so all flavors of 1-32 bit integers, 16,24,32, and 64 bit floats are working fine for RGB images for me and the few RGBA images that I have for testing.

BTW. While Bugzilla has my new email address, the list server is still
using the old one.
All: nrichard8 at qwest dot net will go away soon. Use richard dot
nolde at cybox dot com from now on.


Richard Nolde