2001.06.15 03:49 "Image manipulation package based on libtiff?", by Pak Yan Choi

2001.06.15 12:57 "Re: Image manipulation package based on libtiff?", by Leonard Rosenthol

I'm beginning work on a summer project to implement an image manipulation package based on libtiff. We need to be able to have pixel, scanline, and block access to large (> 0.5GB) images, usually several at a time. We also need to be able to read, write, and modify (read AND write) an image. Regarding image access, libtiff provides some helpful functions (such as the RGBA interface), but it doesn't seem well-suited for use in manipulation. For example, it appears that I'll want/need to implement some sort of image paging mechanism, and I'll need to modify the library to support the ability to modify an image.

Have you looked at ImageMagick (<http://www.imagemagick.org>)? It uses libtiff for working with TIFF images and provides a VERY robust set of image manipulation tools.