1999.09.26 18:15 "tiff 3.5.2 available", by Michael L. Welles

1999.09.30 03:51 "Re: tiff 3.5.2 available", by Kiriakos Georgiou

Kudos for the effort of maintaining the code. Allow me to ask you if Sam or some other programmer(s) familiar with libtiff internals are involved in 'blessing' the changes. (similarly to Linus 'blessing' stuff that goes into the Linux kernel). Personally I would be more comfortable if there was somebody that took another hard look at changes (and made knowledgeable objections if necessary :-)

I don't mean to say that the people that make the changes aren't good programmers or knowledgeable with libtiff - not at all - I just wonder if another set of experienced eyes is reviewing and blessing those changes before making it to a new publicly available version.