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It becomes apparent that answers like this are why this list seems to be dead...

If you had read the original question, you would know that I have looked at the code for tiffcp and found it wanting for what I desire. I want to be able to do

the conversion in memory, without the intermediate file.

The code for the g4 compression within libtiff is somewhat undocumented, and I hoping to have this clarified. was

In general, as ever, RTFQ...


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Bj�rn Brox <> on 23/02/2000 05:25:33 pm

To: Michael Still

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> I am aware of tiffcp. I want to perform the manipulation in code...

Ok, then take a look on the source for tiffcp!!!

Everything is there.

> I can read the uncompressed data and make it into a single block of memory, the

> question is more how can I group 4 compress this block of memory?

As in tiffcp when changing compression: Open input file, output file and read scanlines from input file and write them to output file.

In general: RTFM!

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