2001.12.17 11:47 "Newbie need help! Please!", by Juergen May

2001.12.17 16:31 "Re: Newbie need help! Please!", by Joel Schumacher

You're right about looking at offset 182.

A rational is a composition of 2 numbers, a numerator and a divisor. You divide the first one by the second one.

In the first number you have, 0,45,198,192, or in hex: 00 2D C6 C0 In decimal, 2DC6C0 is 3,000,000.

For the second number, you have 0,0,39,16, or in hex: 00 00 27 10 In decimal, 2710 is 10,000.

You divide 3,000,000 by 10,000 and you get 300.

I've seen some wierd combinations of the x/y values that seem an awfully strange way to represent something like 300 dpi or 200 dpi. How about 629145600/2097152 for 300dpi???

Why not just make y=1 and make x=300 or 200 or whatever the dpi is? I don't know.

The important thing to remember is to divide the two and use the result. 4/2 = 6/3 = 10/5 = 2/1. Don't expect the numerator or divisor to be any particular value.

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