2007.11.23 18:03 "[Tiff] Bug in _TIFFFindFieldInfo and some DNG tags in 3.8.2", by Antonio Scuri

2007.11.23 18:58 "Re: [Tiff] Bug in _TIFFFindFieldInfo and some DNG tags in 3.8.2", by Frank Warmerdam

The DNG tags TIFFTAG_BLACKLEVEL, TIFFTAG_DEFAULTCROPSIZE and TIFFTAG_DEFAULTCROPORIGIN, can be SHORT, LONG or RATIONAL. But in a test file that is LONG, libTIFF is interpreting always as RATIONAL since TIFFFindFieldInfo is using the first definition found.

The problem is in the code:

                if (fip->field_tag == tag &&
                    (dt == TIFF_ANY || fip->field_type == dt))
                        return (tif->tif_foundfield = fip);

It exists inside an "else" of (dt != TIFF_ANY), so it is ignoring the second test always.

In libTIFF 4.0 this implementation is completely different, so I don't know if this bug report is relevant or not. And I did not test it with version 4.0, so I also don't know if it is fixed. If anyone needs a test image, please let me know.


If you file a ticket and assign it to me (warmerdam@pobox.com) along with a pointer to a file demonstrating the issue, I'll try and look into it.

The plan is still to issue a 3.9.0 based on the pre-4 technology so I'd like to ensure it is working well. Your other question about custom tags is good, but I'm hoping Joris or Andrey will have a response.

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