2007.12.08 05:51 "[Tiff] dpi settings", by Ron Croonenberg

2007.12.09 19:46 "Re: [Tiff] dpi settings", by Bob Friesenhahn

Oh, no, you are just mesunderstanding the resulution tags purpose. They have nothing to do with the actual image content. The same 300 dpi image

I intentionally did so since the post that started this thread ignored the TIFF specification as well. The use of a "resolution" value to determine size for desktop publishing purposes is completely bogus and bad design. If someone wants to specify a size, then they might as well specify the physical rendering size (e.g. 30cm by 20cm) rather than compute it based on the number of physical pixels and a "dimension" based on pixels per unit. The current approach has caused considerable confusion for users and resulted in the destruction of many fine images (due to images being "resized" via resampling rather than simply changing the resolution tag).

The start of this discussion thread was a claim that 'meter' units should be used for TIFF. Unfortunately, the TIFF specification only supports inch and centimeter units.

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