2007.06.15 10:17 "[Tiff] LibTiff on Enea OSE", by Peter Pan

2007.09.24 09:22 "Re: [Tiff] big endian - tiff2bw -tiff2pdf", by Gerben Vos


In the PowerPC output data the header is for big endian and data are initially swapped as follows:

This is expected behaviour. Little-endian PC writes little-endian TIFF, big-endian PC writes big-endian TIFF.

If the output is not a valid TIFF file, or there are *significant* differences between the two, could you post the output of tiffdump for both the little-endian and the big-endian version of the same output file?

You say you're using version 3.8.2 on the Windows PC. Which version are you using on the PowerPC?

Some other problems with "tiff2pdf": on the big endian system the output file misses some image description data. The rest is ok.

PDF has different ways to represent image description data from TIFF. Maybe tiff2pdf doesn't copy everything. Can you be more specific? Is there a difference between Windows and PowerPC here? Are you using the same version of tiff2pdf?

Gerben Vos.