2005.12.03 14:46 "[Tiff] Call for OJPEG test images", by Joris Van Damme

2006.01.11 08:57 "RE: RE: [Tiff] Problem closing TFF file : First Chance exception", by Bogoss


I think it's not the problem because my tiff file is correctly open.
It's correctly open because i can do for example (to know the tiff file resolution):

float resolution;

I obtain the good result (196) in "resolution"

Furthermore, i added your example:

TIFF *in;
in = TIFFOpen(“temp.tif”,”r”);

if (!in)


When i debug, it's specified that TIFF pointer "in" is not NULL and i have the same error on the instruction TIFFClose: First-Chance exception in test.exe (NTDLL.DLL): 0x0000008: Invalid Handle

Have you an other idea?


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I'd guess you're getting a NULL back from TIFFOpen, but then you're passing it to TIFFClose (which is not prepared to handle it), and it goes downhill from there.

Try adding a check, for example:

TIFF * in = TIFFOpen("temp.tif", "r");
if (!in)
   printf("oh noes!\n");