2005.06.07 19:21 "[Tiff] TiffSplit can't handle 16 bits per sample?", by James Carroll

2005.06.09 20:07 "Re: [Tiff] TiffSplit can't handle 16 bits per sample?", by Bob Friesenhahn

My usual trick is to use tiffsplit to split apart the stack, and then irfanview to process each image, and then tiffcp to reassemble the stack, but in this case tiffsplit seems to get rid of the most significant byte of each 16 bit sample leaving me with some psychedelic least significant 8 bits in each image.

Could you show tiffinfo/tiffdump results for your image? tiffsplit should work fine for 16-bit TIFFs, so there is probably a bug somewhere in the code.

I heard that the output image when GraphicsMagick was used is all black. Something is odd...

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