2006.03.20 17:43 "[Tiff] Adding Header Line for Fax Images", by David E. Meier

2006.03.22 16:58 "Re: [Tiff] Adding Header Line for Fax Images", by Gerben Vos

How can a fax header (number, time, name) - or any kind of text - be added at the top of an existing tiff image? Is this possible with libtiff? Or should such a task be done prior to tiff image generation?

libtiff is not in the business of editing images, it only provides access to them. What you can do is read the image using libtiff, add a few lines containing pixels representing your text to your image buffer, and use libtiff to write out the result.

Depending on the kind of compression, it might be possible to do this without decompressing and recompressing the image, but you'd need expert knowledge on the compression method for that, and the time saved probably isn't worth it.

Alternatively, instead of writing your own program, you can use a suite of programs like netpbm or ImageMagick for this. These contain ready-made programs for this kind of thing (you may have to chain a few of those programs together).

Gerben Vos.