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November 2018

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2018.11.10 19:39 "Libtiff 4.0.10 is now available", by Bob Friesenhahn
2018.11.10 21:24 "Re: Libtiff 4.0.10 is now available", by <>
2018.11.15 23:37 "vcpkg port for 4.0.10", by Roger Leigh
2018.11.19 15:21 "Re: vcpkg port for 4.0.10", by Edward Lam
2018.11.21 10:18 "Re: vcpkg port for 4.0.10", by Roger Leigh

2018.11.21 10:18 "Re: vcpkg port for 4.0.10", by Roger Leigh

I can't claim credit for the original packaging work, just for updating 
it for 4.0.10 which was just a trivial tweak to the version+hash!

I had also been sitting on the sidelines; I have only been using it for 
a few weeks for GitLab CI testing, but so far with great success.  It's 
still rough around the edges in some respects, but it does look like it 
will continue to mature and be a useful tool.  For relatively simple 
packages like libtiff, it's already there, but could be enhanced to 
support the new compression codecs.

On 19/11/2018 15:21, Edward Lam wrote:
> Thanks for doing this, Roger! I've been sitting on the sidelines waiting for
> vcpkg to mature since it looks very promising!
> -Edward
> On 11/15/2018 6:37 PM, Roger Leigh wrote:
>> Just as a point of interest for any developers on Windows.  Microsoft's
>> vcpkg repository ( might be of use
>> for simplifying building a collection of library dependencies for your
>> projects, including libtiff.  It's similar to the BSD ports collection,
>> but it's all based around CMake scripts.  So for libtiff, it just
>> downloads the release and runs the cmake build.
>> Anyone can update it, though you do have to sign a CLA.  This is the PR
>> I opened for 4.0.10:
>> Just clone the repository, run the bootstrap script, then
>>       vcpkg install tiff
>> or vcpkg install tiff:x64-windows
>> It's supposed to be cross-platform (for Linux and MacOS X at least), but
>> it's a bit patchy for non-Windows platforms at present.  Windows is
>> always a pain, but this might make it a little easier (I replaced all my
>> custom dependency management scripts with this).
>> Regards,
>> Roger
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