2005.05.18 15:38 "[Tiff] Another libtiff+libjpeg problem", by Thom DeCarlo

2005.06.14 10:24 "Re: [Tiff] Another libtiff+libjpeg problem", by Jean-Yves Le Ridant

That sounds very promising. Recently I have found problem in raw decoding implementation in libtiff and it will be good to get rid of this complication in the future development.

Yes, that's the first point I wanted to match.

Note that when linked to tiffcp, some of problems come from tiffcp. ( quasi un-handling of subsampled data, and half-handling of jpegcolormode ).

Have had to do some job there also, and I'll send it.

I can suggest to fill a bug report aginst libtiff with the tiff_jpeg.c patch attached. Also we may a CVS repository for your libjpeg variant.


I begin making "clean" patches, reverify builds, and write a short readme. So one or two day...