2006.03.18 15:59 "[Tiff] old jpeg support", by Mikhail Kruk

2006.03.20 18:04 "[Tiff] 3.8.1 and JPEG problem", by Mikhail Kruk

I'm getting the following error when trying to process a TIFF file

whith JPEG compression:
-c none 29213.tif out.tif tiffcp
failed: sp != 0, file Assertion
line 1524 ../../tiff-3.8.1-src/libtiff/tif_jpeg.c,

The file is available here: www.scorch2000.com/~meshko/29213.tif

Reproduced with self-built executables on both Windows (XP, VS2003) and Linux (Red Hat ES 2.1).

I also get the same error when trying to tiffcp a PackBits TIF into JPEG-compressed TIF.

With the older version of libtiff (3.8.0) I get slightly different result:

JPEGLib: Warning, Application transferred too many scanlines.
29213.tif: Error, can't read strip 0.