2005.05.31 19:41 "[Tiff] hot to detect corrupt tif file", by Gordon Hu

2005.06.02 15:11 "Re: [Tiff] Re: how to detect corrupt tif file", by Antoine

Thanks for the suggestions. Let me set up the situation for you.

We have found some tif files that have garbled lines thus unreadable and considered as garbage by our imaging system. I have done tiffinfo and tiffdump on those files and realized that the image width and image length values do not match. So I guess that is one way to find out whether they are corrupt or not. I am exploring ways to use tiffinfo and tiffdump in our .Net project to detect the said corrupt files. I have download gnu/windows tiff from (http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/tiff.htm) unto my desktop and have tried to call the c dll (libtiff3.dll) from vb .net. Since I am a .Net newbie I have limited knowledge about how to implement it. So if anyone who is .Net savvy and can help me set it up I'd much appreciate it.

If it is anything like VB6 (ie, needs __stdcall functions) then you will have as much joy as I am having. libtiff was conceived with VB6 conspicously *not* in mind, and that makes it very difficult to use. I am going to try and convert the calls to stdcalls but can't get 3.7.2 to compile. Others have been having this problem also, both with nmake and VC6.


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