2006.02.11 09:35 "[Tiff] question about planar tiffs", by michael Dorrian

2006.02.13 16:35 "RE: [Tiff] question about planar tiffs", by Ed Grissom

I think I am misunderstanding someone here.

If you have three components (RGB), then (with Planar Configuration==2) the number of strips must be a multiple of three. Michael's 6 strip organization looks fine.

I don't understand what Chris is trying to say. The TIFF spec explicitly says that the red, green, and blue strips can be interleaved. There is no requirement where the data is on disk, just that the StripOffsets and StripByteCounts must be segregated with all the red pointers first, followed by all the green pointers etc. The data can be anywhere in the file, interleaved (by strip) or segregated -- writer's choice.

What am I missing?

ed grissom


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Planar means planar ALL of the red plane, then ALL of the green plane, then ALL of the blue plane. -

Try saving a planar TIFF image from Photoshop CS2 for an example.

On 2/11/06 1:35 AM, "michael Dorrian" <m_dorrian@yahoo.com> wrote:

I can create a planar tif which has 3 or 4 strips. The 4th strip being the

final rows. I have accomplished this but i cannot seem to get a planar tiff

with many strips working?. I was just wondering whether its possible or does

it always have to be organised in 3 or 4 strips?. Lets say i have 6 strips.

Is it organised like this:

  1st strip:Red bytes

  2nd strip green bytes

  3rd strip blue bytes

  4th strip red bytes

  5th strip green bytes

  6th strip blue bytes


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