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Only that it seems to be echo'd in some applications (Photoshop comes to mind, although maybe more recent versions have addressed this), and I'm therefore wondering if it's generally understood in the U.S. that cm is not a preferred metric unit, and in practice seems to be falling out of popular usage in the rest of the world.

Here in the US, the ruler that I have available is marked with inches and centimeters. Are you saying that rulers in the rest of the world are no longer marked with centimeters? If they are not marked with centimeters, then what are they marked with? A ruler marked with millimeters or meters would not be so convenient.

It seems natural that centimeters was used since it is easiest to measure the width and height of a computer screen or page-sized object (e.g. sheet of paper) in centimeters rather than in meters or millimeters.

Also, for resolution units, the magnitude is convenient:



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