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I had only a few problems getting tiff 3.82 and 4 beta to compile with Visual Studio 8 Beta on XP.

The main problem is getting all of the dependencies and project files to point properly to the jpeg, zlib, and POSTIX compatibility files.

I have not run any regression tests yet.

Can the windows Visual Studio 8/9 read the makefiles and use them as is? Apparently VS runs nmake. The project files can just run nmake as an external existing project imported. I'm not that familiar with VS yet to know what i am doing with this; perhaps someone with lots of experience here has some insight.

It would be nice to just point VS at the root of the distribution and not have to fiddle with it like I had to to get it to link up.

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On Thu, September 27, 2007 2:57, mrinal said:

I have just joined the TIFF mailing list. I have a problem relating to use of TIFF on WINDOWS. I want to know that if:

     LibTIFF v 3.6.1   OR   LibTIFF v 3.82

    OR   both can be used to read and write TIFF files on Windows in  VC++  platform.

     Is LibTIFF for UNIX or we can use it on WINDOWS.

 What is the site Adress to download libTIFF for Windows with CODE and DOCUMENTATION.

    I will be very gratefull for quick reply.


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