2007.10.24 12:28 "[tiff] Staic libtiff.a on OS X?", by Alexander von Below

2007.10.24 13:09 "Re: [tiff] Staic libtiff.a on OS X?", by Edward Lam

You need to also disable pixarlog support. Comment out the PIXARLOG_SUPPORT define in tif_config.h.


I have tried to search the archives, but no success...

My goal is to build a static libtiff.a on OS X, but so far my versions are always dependant on libtiff.3.dylib for zlib support. For my application, I do not need zlib support, but attempts to disable it have not helped either (references in tif_pixarlog.c appear to be unconditional).

Early attempts to build zlib from source on OS X have also failed (./configure seems to have weird line endings)

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?