2007.02.01 23:14 "[Tiff] Re: get tifftag_geoasciiparams string", by Phil Harvey

2007.02.02 20:44 "RE: [Tiff] Re: get tifftag_geoasciiparams string", by Ed Grissom

Gennady -

I believe Phil is correct below.

You would probably get better info if you asked on the GeoTIFF list [geotiff@lists.maptools.org] although a lot of us hang out both places.

I think the GeoTIFF spec (1) describes what the string is supposed to look like internally. I would assume that the TIFF code treats it as any other ASCII string type.

The GeoTIFF spec requires that TIFFGetField() makes sure it has a terminating NULL.

(1) http://geotiff.maptools.org/spec/geotiff2.4.html#2.4

ed grissom

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On 2-Feb-07, at 2:36 PM, Gennady Khokhorin wrote:

Still can not find any reference for return from TIFFGetField(tif, TIFFTAG_GEOASCIIPARAMS, &data) command.

Hi Gennady,

I've never used TIFFGetField(), but I expect it just returns a null- terminated string for ASCII tags. (A null terminated string is just a character array where the length is determined by scanning for the first null byte.)

The content of the TIFFTAG_GEOASCIIPARAMS will be a set of strings accessed via the TIFFTAG_GEOKEYDIRECTORY information. In a sample I have, it looks like strings may be separated by '|' symbols in the TIFFTAG_GEOASCIIPARAMS record, but you should check the GeoTiff documentation to be sure.

I hope this helps.