2006.11.27 21:46 "[Tiff] Bugzilla is operational again", by Frank Warmerdam

2007.01.22 10:13 "Re: [Tiff] tif_getimage - using colormap even ifphotometricinterpwrong", by Gerben Vos

OK, with Bob, Chris and Joris negative on the idea, and no support I think I'm going to shelve this change. I must say, I felt some trepidation about it, though it is the same behavior of a number of commercial tiff viewers (including any GDAL based application).

While I also think it shouldn't go into the library itself, if the behaviour is so widespread, it might be an idea to add it as an option to the tiff2rgba program, and maybe even, also as an option, to tiffcp (so you can convert it to a standard colormapped TIFF).

I assume this only applies to min-is-black/-white greyscale images, basically saying: treat the image as if the photometric is palette instead of greyscale? I don't see how it would work with RGB.