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Thanks for your tip. I explicitly added tif_win32.c in the makefile, and that solved my problems. Joel

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I am updating my current version of libtiff and libgeotiff. I am also moving to .net 2005. The libraries compile and run, but if I run a program in debug mode, some files cause a crash. For example geotiffcp will error out when given a 32 bps tiff, if it is built in debug, but not when built with release flags. I have traced it to a validate statement in fstat64.c. It seems to be when it is trying to open the image. In some of my programs I have this same behavior when used on 16 bit images. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I'm not sure why you are seeing this problem. I don't have VS.NET 2005 so I can't easily try and replicate the issue. If you are going through fstat64 I am guessing you are using tif_unix.c instead of tif_win32.c. You might want to try tif_win32.c instead and see if that works better.