2018.05.11 01:43 "[Tiff] LZ4 compression", by fx HAYAKAWA MICHIO

2018.05.11 09:14 "Re: [Tiff] LZ4 compression", by Even Rouault

On vendredi 11 mai 2018 01:43:33 CEST fx HAYAKAWA MICHIO wrote:

I'm new at libtiff mailinglist.

If LZ4 compression was discussed before, sorry for bothering you guys. But, I couldn't find LZ4 discussion in mailing list archive.

I'm wondering there is any plan to officially support LZ4 compression for contone images.

LZ4 is getting popular in file system. It improves decoding performance significantly. That means if TIFF is compressed in LZ4, any TIFF viewer can decode the images significantly faster than flate or LZW compression. Downside is LZ4 is little bit worse in compression ratio. How does it sound?


I've recently added support for a ZStd codec in libtiff master. This is significanly faster than DEFLATE, although not as LZ4, but the ratio compression_rate/decompression_time of ZStd is rather attractive.


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