2005.07.21 15:33 "[Tiff] FW: Help, I need to do some binary surgery on my tiff.", by James Carroll

2005.07.21 01:37 "[Tiff] TIFF Mailing List Migration", by Frank Warmerdam


The old TIFF mailing list host, xserve.flids.com (sometimes known as remotesensing.org) is being decommissioned soon and isn't working properly so I have migrated the TIFF mailing list.

While the new list has the same configuration and membership options as the old list, it is at a new address. I would appreciate everyone updating their address books with the new information, and fixing to the address when replying to old TIFF mailing list info.

The new address is:


The web interface is available at:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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