2005.05.27 21:08 "[Tiff] creating a vb wrapper for libtiff", by Antoine

2005.05.27 23:08 "Re: [Tiff] creating a vb wrapper for libtiff", by Chris Losinger

IMO, any effort like that is going to run into some serious difficulties as soon as it gets to the tag handing stuff. LibTiff's TIFFGetTag and TIFFSetTag calls use C's "..." variable-parameter-list stuff, and that's not easily wrapped.

but, if someone's done it, i'd love to see how!

vb6 has the ParamArray vararray() as Variant possibility, which looks pretty much like the same thing, though how it translates is anyone's guess. And TiffGetField and TiffSetField use the same thing, which has got me stuck...

i'm not sure that will work or not, since the C/C++ var args stuff definitely doesn't use Variants.

but, if it's working for you, i guess there's some translation magic going on under the covers.

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