2005.12.03 14:46 "[Tiff] Call for OJPEG test images", by Joris Van Damme

2006.01.11 14:58 "RE: [Tiff] Problem closing TFF file : First Chance exception", by

> From: Bogoss [mailto:tub95@wanadoo.fr]

When i debug, it's specified that TIFF pointer "in" is not NULL and i have the same error on the instruction TIFFClose: First-Chance exception in test.exe (NTDLL.DLL): 0x0000008: Invalid Handle

Have you an other idea?

You're not mixing up, say, a release-version of the library, and a debug version of your app, or something like that, right? Generally, weird exceptions happen when you cross debug and non-debug modules. Or perhaps you are linking with an old, stale LIB, but the app is runtime-linking to a fresher, incompatible DLL.

Try a fresh rebuild in debug mode, run it through the debugger, and when it faults, break into the code, check the call stack, and move back out until you're in the libtiff code, to try to see where it "went wrong". If that proves to be useless, you'll probably have to set a breakpoint at the TIFFClose call, then step through it.

If no luck, perhaps you can archive your project (it's just test code at this point, yes?) and put it on the web somewhere for download, and I (or someone else on the list) will be able to look at it and suggest something else. (Please don't send the files to this list!)

Good luck!