2005.05.27 23:48 "[Tiff] Exif IFDs in TIFF files", by Bob Young

Okay, I think this is my last question. As I mentioned I’m concerned with four different TIFF related specifications TIFF/EXIF (ver 2.2), TIFF 6.0, TIFF/EP, and DNG. From reading the specs it’s clear that TIFF/EXIF and DNG allow metadata such as F-Stop, Focal Length, etc. to be placed in a separate EXIF IFD. TIFF/EP appears not to allow a separate EXIF IFD, but defines a nearly identical (to the EXIF tags) set of metadata tags to be placed in IFD0. It appears that TIFF 6.0 does allow a separate EXIF IFD, but I’m not sure.

Would someone please be kind enough to confirm or correct the above assumptions regarding a separate EXIF IFD in TIFF 6.0 and TIFF/EP files?

Bob Young
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