2006.03.20 17:43 "[Tiff] Adding Header Line for Fax Images", by David E. Meier

2006.03.23 17:15 "Re: [Tiff] Adding Header Line for Fax Images", by Ulf Zibis

Search in the archive of LibTiff for this (around 18.05.2005):

"Looking for the definitions of (MS Specific?) tags"

Here you see, how you can write number, name, etc. in a Microsoft-specific manner to tiff-files.


Am 20.03.2006 18:43, David E. Meier schrieb:

Hello list!

How can a fax header (number, time, name) - or any kind of text - be added at the top of an existing tiff image? Is this possible with libtiff? Or should such a task be done prior to tiff image generation?

Thanks for any help!