2006.01.09 14:02 "[Tiff] bug: The macro STRIP_SIZE_DEFAULT has a "blank" value", by Norihiko Murase

2006.01.11 16:36 "Re: [Tiff] bug: The macro STRIP_SIZE_DEFAULT has a "blank" value", by Bob Friesenhahn

Thanks for the bug report. I have made sure that the fix is in libtiff CVS for the next release.

thank you very much. I hope that you remember to re-create the configure script after modifying configure.ac.

I have not done that since I am not the one who cuts the libtiff release packages and because I used CVS autoconf and CVS libtool to bootstrap libtiff so there would be thrashing in CVS. But it is a toss-up since it is clear to me that for some cases CVS autoconf/libtool are working better than what libtiff is currently using.

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