2004.12.12 21:55 "[Tiff] JPEG2000 and Metadata", by Bruno Tenório Ávila

2004.12.12 23:41 "Re: RES: RES: [Tiff] JPEG2000 and Metadata", by Bob Friesenhahn

Anh, ok! Because libtiff is easy to use and it would be easier to use only one API to several image formats, rather then one for libtiff and another for jasper lib.

JPEG2000 has a similar number of options as TIFF itself. Jasper provides a simplified view/set of JPEG2000 capabities yet there are still many options which would not be exposed by the existing set of libtiff options. For example, Jasper provides a compression ratio option which I don't believe there is a direct correlation to in TIFF.

Since JPEG2000 is itself so complex, I think that while embedding a JPEG2000 file within a TIFF file may make it easier to manage with existing software from a metadata standpoint, you would still need to deal with the JPEG2000 content separately. It would be a crime to do otherwise.


Bob Friesenhahn