2021.03.01 16:29 "[Tiff] TIFF and multispectral images of historical documents?", by Andreas Romeyke

2021.03.02 14:45 "Re: [Tiff] [Off Topic] TIFF and multispectral images of historical documents?", by Roger Leigh

It should also be noted that the OME-TIFF people are in violation of Adobe’s Trademark on the use of TIFF, so I personally wouldn’t bet on a horse that hadn’t gotten its licenses in order…

While I no longer work for the OME organisation myself, I would be interested to know what exactly would be wrong with the licensing here. I can always pass along any concerns you have to the people I know who are working there.

OME-TIFF is not a trademark or as far as I’m aware infringing on the TIFF trademark. The actual code, both Java and C++ implementations, are BSD-licenced and freely available, as is the open specification.

OME-TIFF is just a plain baseline TIFF or BigTIFF with an XML metadata block in the ImageDescription. The name just means “OME” metadata model inside a “TIFF” container, to differentiate it from the original OME-XML which was OME metadata serialised entirely as XML. Future variants might be for example OME-HDF5 or OME-Zarr. The “-TIFF” suffix is a purely functional description of a TIFF-based file format. Why is that problematic?